Urban Wildlife Arts Festival 2017

Exhibition at Waagenbau in Hamburg DE, 2017

The construction of scales was born 15 years ago with this claim and has become from the beginning a space for many creative people from Hamburg and the world. In this spirit, we invite you to our first Street and Tape Art Festival in late November. Urban art, such as graffiti, street art and forms such as knitting and installations are controversial forms of expression and design. The messages adapted to the environment of the urban space confront unasked and direct, contrary to the controlled environment of a gallery. Street art and graffiti originate in the gray areas of legality or are completely forbidden. The messages range from political content through everyday life to the self-marketing of one's own brands and names. Under time pressure is worked in public space, which means that materials and medium have their own language. The goal is to attract, surprise, inspire, and encourage thought in our urban, through-rush, hectic time and world.