a collaboration with Philipp Michalski

Colonizing Color

Video, 2019

“Colonizing Color” is collaborative two channel video work made by Elizabeth Chin and Philipp Michalski with a music production created by Philipp Michalski. After thorough research over cultural heritage and media portrayal of the colors black and white, the two artists created a video installation to display the actual ambivalent meaning of both colors historically and culturally, but the extremities used with political and commercial contexts. The images used in Chin and Michalski's work are only visible for seconds and only reach the recipient on subliminal level. It makes up the question of what does actually happen to people when they perceive images subconsciously? It is proven fact that advertisers use this technique to create familiarity with their logo. But, can the same be done to create ideals of what is good and bad, stereotypes, or discrimination?