White Edition vs. Black Edition

“Race [and] ethnicity…are dimensions, not categories, of human experience.”


Blood is always red or blue

Acryllic, 2018

Blood is always red or blue was created along side my idea with creating a new racial, ethnic, and culture group defined as the Multiracial & Ethnic Collective (MREC). With racial tensions leading to an extreme polarization between the races, MREC wishes to introduce a new way of seeing and interpreting race to improve the way our society views one another. MREC is a collective of multiracial and multiethnic individuals wishing to legitimize “multiracial” and “multiethnic” as a recognized race and ethnic community in the United States and hopefully around the world. This collective wishes to no longer mark themselves on official paperwork as “other” or endure being treated similarly. With a better definition of a multiracial and multiethnic group, MREC hopes that not only would individuals from our community would be able to perform better and build a stronger identity, but that people outside of us could also collaborate in this understanding and unity. MREC finds it necessary to respond to this division not only out of the recent tensions seen today in the United States, but to provide unity to adopted children, third culture kids, and individuals from or in interracial marriages who lack confidence, self-esteem, and community. Ultimately, the MREC will address the complexities of race and ethnicity and push for a more comprehensive understanding of identity formation not only for this generation, but for the growing group of multiracial and multiethnic individuals of the next one.