Beth Chin was born and raised in the Chicagoland area and was seventeen when she co-founded her first non-profit organization with her friends in high school, earning them the President’s Volunteer Service Award from Barack Obama. Graduating early in three and a half years, Chin received her Bachelor’s degree in Communication & Media Studies with a minor in Art & Design from DePaul University. In her career as an artist and designer, Beth Chin has had pieces featured in Windy City Live, Chicago Tribune’s RedEye, and DNAinfo as well as her book, Being Mixed, featured in multiracial media sites, including Blended Future Project and Mixed Life Media.

Being Mixed, a visual guide on multiracial, ethnic, and cultural identities, was created for those who are discovering their cross sectional identities and learning to understand others. Chin was inspired to create Being Mixed from her work abroad as a teacher and coach for under-privileged youths in Germany as well as in her foundation of All Related Art, a multiracial and ethnic community project in Hamburg, which wishes to dissolve struggles associated with that question of belonging by creating a platform through art to communicate, create, and provide a basic need for community and family.


2019 – Habitat Festival

Habitat Festival in Hohenlockstedt, DE

2019 - Neon Gold at Docks Club

Spielbudenpl. 19, 20359 Hamburg, DE

2018 – Edgewater Arts Festival feat. Nils Döring (Acryllic, Sculptures)

1070 W Granville St, Chicago IL, USA

2018 – Urban Surgeons Ausstellung

K-OZ Galerie in Hamburg, DE

2018 – Elli Sebastian Galerie Ausstellung

K-OZ Galerie in Hamburg, DE

2018 – Habitat Festival

Habitat Festival in Hohenlockstedt, DE

2017 - Fusion Festival

Fusion Festival in Mecklenburg, DE

2017 - Verschwommen Festival

#000 Kollektiv at the MS Stubnitz in Hamburg, DE

2017 - Urban Wildlife Arts

Urban Wildlife at Waagenbau in Hamburg, DE

2016 – Elli Sebastian Galerie Ausstellung

K-OZ Galerie in Hamburg, DE

2015 – Asian Pacific Heritage Art Walk

The Chamber for Uptown United and Uptown Business Partners in Chicago IL, USA

2014 – Art, Media, and Design 2-D Art Exhibition

DePaul University in Chicago IL, USA

Permanent Installations

2018 – Bermuda - St. Pauli (Spray Paint)

Hamburger Berg 6, 20359 Hamburg, DE

2017 – Waagenbau (Acrylic/Paint Marker)

Max-Brauer-Allee 204, 22769 Hamburg, DE

2015 – Westfield Old Orchard Mall (Graphic)

4999 East Ring, Skokie IL, USA

2014 - Soulistic 360 (Acryllic)

19021 Crawford, Flossmoor IL, USA

2014 – Hoosier Market (Acrylic)

9040 Meridian, Indianapolis IN, USA

2014 – DePaul University Sullivan Athletic Center Women's Basketball Court (Graphic)

McGrath Arena, 2323 N. Sheffield Ave. Chicago IL, USA

2013 – Papa John's (Acrylic on Polytab)

2640 N. Clark, Chicago IL, USA

2012 – Chicago's Dog House (Graphic)

816 W. Fullerton, Chicago IL, USA

Live Features

Dec, Billy. “What’s on Dec.” Windy City Live, May 22, 2014, Chicago IL, USA. (Asian Pacific Heritage Art Walk art feature)

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